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COVID-19 - 1 hour

RT-PCR Test (Swab)

Please be aware that all the guidelines and instructions below have been specifically written with the safety of our patients and staff in mind.

We kindly ask you to comply. If you have any queries, please read the guidance carefully, only calling us after reading this as our lines are very busy.

Photo ID is required for this test.

Please arrive 15 MINUTES before your test time for necessary Administration tasks.

The cost of this test is £299.00

Fit to Travel Certificate included.


Please read the following guidelines and instructions below carefully.

What background does EcoLibra have in PPE?

- EcoLibra has decades of experience in multiple types of Sustainable Technology-Based Industries (health-care, construction, water/wastewater, IT, manufacturing), we were incorporated in 2008 and have a proud history of providing innovative customer value - EcoLibra is specialized in dealing with extreme contaminants that can cause rapid death (water-borne/air-borne viruses, pathogens, gases, particulates, etc.) - EcoLibra adheares to a transparent approach that has resulted in trusting long-term relationships and references with multiple First Nations, Governmental Departments, Academics, Associations, Businesses and Developers

How does EcoLibra PPE link protection with good value?

- EcoLibra has a strong history of being innovative to ensure a solution overlaps Economics, Environment, Education & Social Health - Our team includes leading Engineers, Biologists and health back-ground professionals that think outside the box and remain purpose driven - EcoLibra stands behind their products to ensure value, warranty, certifications and support - EcoLibra looks at life-cycle costing to ensure what we sell makes sense (business case is relevant to save every customer money and time) - EcoLibra supports customers with up-to-date educastion to ensure proper buying decisions are made (e.g. masks that make sense and can be reusable, optional filter use based on the type of protection needed (e.g. N95/N99/N100, R95/R99/R100, dust, P95, etc.) and backed by top-quality manufacturing

How do we differ than what experts are saying in the news?

EcoLibra PPE keeps focused on: - Global Scientists & Experts continue to advance virus related knowledge & safety so models and approaches must be flexible and open to continual advancement - Everyone is affected, the situations are changing and will continue to change - Experts often focus on impacts to a population, however EcoLibra looks at impact on self, family and friends - Experts often look at mortality rates, EcoLibra looks at consequences of being sick - Raising awareness as a community and managing risks is a role we all need to play


If you would like to book, follow the link below to confirm your appointment time and pay for your test.

We have recently upgraded our online payment system by partnering with PayPal. 

You do not have to create an account with them to pay and book online.

You must bring ID and face-covering. PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TEST TIME FOR ADMINISTRATIVE PURPOSES. Bookings for the 1-hour Covid test are refundable if canc...
1h - RT PCR- Covid-19 Test



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