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Anti-aging Treatments for the face are available from Dr Mariette Grant which can restore and replenish your skin's condition and appearance.

These include: Chemical Peels, PRP Treatments, Wrinkle minimising treatments such as Botulinum toxin and Dermal Fillers.
We also offer Non-surgical mini facelift procedures and jowl treatments with threads and or Dermal fillers.

For these treatments, Dr Grant provides a free consultation to discuss what is the best treatment for you and realistic outcomes.

We do ask for a refundable £30 deposit on booking this type of appointment. We prefer that our patients do not feel under any financial pressure to go ahead with any treatment.

Platelet rich plasma treatments help to re-densify the facial skin and restore lost volume in the face leading to a more fresh-faced appearance.
Dr Grant is an expert in this field and has the time and interest

to find the best solution for your concerns.

She also offers various IV Vitamin drips for improved vitality and health.


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