IV infusions

Why are infusions beneficial?


Highest standards of safety and skill, innovative technology, and a passion for luxurious wellness is what defines us.






  • Help to replenish fluids and nutrients in the body.


  • IV therapy provides 100% absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fluids.


  • Cleanse the body of toxins and improve an ability to recover faster, feel healthier, and look younger.


  • IV infusions are safe and painless.


  • Helps to boost energy.


  • It is a powerful tool in combating the common cold, fatigue, dehydration and hangovers.


Wellness starts with proper hydration. It’s the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.


But most people aren’t drinking enough water to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


That’s where IV therapy comes in, its direct absorption brings immediate benefits.



Whether the person is into practising yoga or running marathons, exercise can lead to major wear and tear on the body.

Our IV infusions include vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to increase endurance and reduce fatigue.

They also decrease recovery time, helping fight the soreness feeling after exercising.



Our nutrient-packed IV drips will strengthen the immune system and flush out toxins from the body.


This means users of IV injections are better equipped to fight off infections such as a cold and flu viruses.


When it comes to skincare, IV infusions are like liquid gold.

Our formulas have beauty-enhancing, age-defying properties to help achieve a radiant, more youthful appearance.

Adding IV therapy to a beauty routine will not only hydrate the skin but also promote skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles.



When a body works better, it’s easier to lose weight.

That’s why IV therapy boosts the effects of diet and exercise since it helps the body operate at its best.

It helps to gain a better sleep, quicker metabolism and optimized vitamin absorption.

All of these things will help shed those extra pounds, and all of these things can be achieved with IV therapy.


Good health doesn’t stop at the physical level. It includes mental well-being as well.

And just like the body, the brain is also impacted by the effects of dehydration.

IV therapy works to nourish the mind by improving mental clarity, focus, energy and mood.


Megaboost £199 – is the most popular infusion for maintaining good health and supporting wellness. It combines Vitamin C with other vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and electrolytes and is specifically aimed at boosting your immune system and returning the body to a normal and healthy equilibrium.




Vitaglow £199 – is an anti-aging IV therapy, containing the leading antioxidant Glutathione. Glutathione plays a vital role in repairing metabolic damage to the body from toxins, infection, poor diet, stress and free radicals and is extremely important in the detoxification process of the liver. It also improves the appearance and strength of hair, skin and nails.




Ultraviv £199 – is our recovery IV therapy formulated to restore hydration and aid recovery from a variety of ailments such as hangovers, common colds,

flu-like symptoms or allergies. Very popular during the seasonal festivities,

especially when viruses are at their most prevalent.


Royal Flush - £349 - is the “Deluxe recovery infusion” and the ultimate IV experience. The Royal Flush provides both wellness and recovery benefits by combining the detoxing, antioxidant, recovery end immunity-boosting elements of Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow. 

This infusion is a comprehensive IV cleanse.


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