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Deadline: Thursday 25th June

Thank you for showing interest in this role at My Specialist GP, please fill out all of the boxes before submitting your work.  

Below you will find two pieces of work we would like you to complete as the first stage of this interviewing process. We will value strong organisational skills and a problem-solving attitude. 

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1. Social Media and Customer Service

A big part of this role is social media and how we interact with potential patients. Please write two possible captions for the image below. Keep in mind that this asset will be used in more than one platform.


Many patients will reach out through social media before booking. How we respond, what information we provide, and which services we mention can help drive sales. To the message below, please write a response that is accurate to our range of treatments and describe on the box below how you would follow up on the enquiry. Remember you are not expected to give a diagnosis, but to direct the person to the right services.

Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 21.04.24.png

2. Branding and Tone of voice

How we interact and how we look is what sets us apart. We will need you to commit to our current branding and help develop the tone of voice further. As part of the role, you will be required to reach out directly to our database of patients in a regular basis. 

Please choose any of our current services and treatments (found here) and write a mock-up email newsletter. Please remember we are not trying to spam our patients but keep them updated.

Thanks for submitting

Thank you for submitting your work. We will review the answers and come back to you with either a date for a phone interview or to let you know you have not been successful. 

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