Nurse Appointments

Our friendly practice nurse has many years of experience and can help our patients to maintain their health. These can be booked online or by calling or emailing.


Prices below are for a' routine' appointment of each type, variations may be necessary depending on the amount of time required.


30 min

Our experienced nurse can change in-dwelling catheters for both men and women.

She can professionally and kindly assist patients who have bladder catheters: patients can either bring their own equipment or we have a supply of catheters.

We are unable to assist patients with either bladder or prostate cancer, patients less than 18 nor patients with supra-pubic catheters.


£55 supplying own equipment

£68 our equipment


15 min

We have a comprehensive stock of dressings at the practice suitable for the following: 

  • Post-surgery 

  • Burns

  • Cuts

  • Skin tears


£32 Burns, Cuts, Skin Tears

£32 + up to £20 cost of dressings for Post Surgery Appointments

Sub-Cutaneous Injections

15 min

Patients who require this treatment need to bring their medication with them and any instructions/details from their practitioner.

Our nurse can administer the injections and or demonstrate how this can be done for later self-administration.

Suitable for: Fertility patients, Post-op care, Diabetics and patients on Ozempic treatment 


£32 - 15-minute appointment

Surgical Staple removal

15 min

15 minute appointment to remove staples safely and professionally


£32 - 15-minute appointment 


45 min

(soft tissue leg)

The 45-minute initial consultation and treatment is £70.

Thereafter 30-minute at £55 plus the cost of the dressings (£18-£30) depending on the type which will be quoted at the first appointment 

IV Infusion Appointment

45 min

Patients requiring medication or treatment via infusion may have an appointment for cannulisation and infusion.

Prior consultation with a Doctor here at the practice is required for the first infusion to discuss and review the medication.

Information and prescription from the referring Doctor is required. 


£105 - IV Infusion appointment

£110 - Doctor Consultation

Please enquire via email or phone.