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See an
Online Doctor
from any device.

Online GP appointment with no need to switch from your NHS Doctor


  1. Book your consultation online

  2. Receive a confirmation email and video link for your appointment time

  3. Start your online GP consultation

  4. Video chat with one of our GPs

Electronic prescriptions will be sent directly to your pharmacy.

Most queries can be solved via a video appointment, however, if our GP needs to examine you in person they’ll ask you to book a follow-up in-person appointment. 


To confirm your identity, the Doctor will need to see photo ID: Valid Passport, Drivers license, etc during the consultation so please have this to hand.

Online Medical Consultant

Video appointments should not be used for emergencies and we can not prescribe certain medications including controlled drugs and ADHD medication.


Common infections

We can provide topical and oral antibiotics where necessary.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)

We can also provide diagnosis and follow up with a home urine test kit if necessary (Home testing coming soon). We can have your medication delivered or prescription sent to your local pharmacy.

Sexual health

We can provide confidential diagnosis via home blood tests and treatment through medication delivered to your home.

Skin conditions

For treatment for eczema and psoriasis to acne, we can help.

Hay fever treatments

We can deliver prescription-strength antihistamines to help you cope with allergy season.

Women’s health

We provide prescriptions for contraception and minor infections.

An online appointment with us means you are:

- Speaking to a local, known GP in a practice that can offer you the full range of services you might potentially need such as blood tests. 

-If you need another online appointment you can easily choose to speak to the same GP.

- If you need an in-person appointment, you can choose to see the same GP in the practice so you wouldn’t need to ‘start all over again’.

Please note that additional costs will be charged for referrals, sick notes, blood tests, and prescriptions online. Electronic prescriptions will be sent directly to your chosen pharmacy straight away.

Our online doctor service addresses the needs of patients who have busy lives and who are comfortable with digital care. Talking to the Doctor from home or work saves time and gives care from our trusted team of Doctors.


Some health issues cannot be dealt with this way so please check carefully before booking as the fee is not refundable. 


My Specialist GP

Your Private option for Health Care


Compassionate care

Our team is here to care for you and your family.


Email Support

We will be in constant communication with you and securely send you results and doctor feedback in real-time.


Local Service

We are your Private option for Health Care in the center of Marlow

Mission Statement 

To put CARE back into HEALTHCARE involving patients with respect and dignity.

Vision Statement 

My Specialist GP will find and use the best health solutions to make our patients both ‘well’ and the Healthiest they can be!

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