Fight against COVID

A treatment that can help to reduce the seriousness of a Covid infection

A new research, sponsored by WHO

(World Health Organisation),

has shown that a particular medication, oral Ivermectin, usually used for deworming and to treat skin conditions, is a useful new tool in the fight against COVID.

There is very good scientific evidence that this treatment can help

to reduce the seriousness of a Covid infection.

The final analysis, published as a preprint on Research Square, found a

75% reduction in covid mortality and will be continually updated.

We are pleased to be able to prescribe this treatment at My Specialist GP.

Ivermectin can be prescribed prior to any possible infection as an ‘in case’ medication.

A discussion with a GP is required before having the medication prescribed to fully understand the potential benefits on an individual basis.

If you would like to read more about the research, you can find out more below.

Covid-19: WHO-sponsored preliminary review indicates Ivermectin effectiveness


The effect of early treatment with ivermectin on viral load, symptoms and humoral response in patients with non-severe COVID-19: A pilot, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial


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