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Lipomas and Minor Surgery

Lipomas are a common growth on the skin, however should be checked regularly and seen to by a doctor if they are abnormal.

Our newly opened Minor Surgery Suite is for patients with most types of skin complaints, such as moles, skin tags and lipomas. We are able to offer Aqualyx, a fat dissolving injection, suitable for small visible lipomas on the face.

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A lipoma is a benign growth that occurs slowly over several years, appearing dome or egg-shaped about 2-10cm in diameter. Lipomas can be soft and smooth under the skin, with a rubbery or doughy consistency. They can be found on the shoulders, neck, trunk and arms, however can be found anywhere where there is fat tissue.

Risk factors for developing a lipoma can include: Obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, liver disease, age, trauma and glucose intolerance.

You may be able to prevent lipomas from occurring by doing regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and body weight and avoiding alcohol. However, lipomas can be hereditary.

Though not dangerous unless the lipoma grows rapidly, doesn't move under the skin and is painful, many consider removing their lipomas for cosmetic reasons, which can be done with local anesthesia.

Minor Surgery

Whilst the majority of lipomas are benign, should the lipoma become painful or you suspect it may have turned into a liposarcoma, it may be best to consult with a doctor or one of our minor surgery specialists.

Depending on the placement and size of your lipoma, we are able to offer a single lipoma removal for £330 with any additional lipomas at £90. Alternatively, our experienced doctors are able to use Aqualyx, a fat dissolving injection - this is a great option for any small lipomas that appear on your face and you are concerned about any removal scarring. This option is £170, however may need to be repeated for bigger lipomas.

Our specialist minor surgery doctors, Dr Grant and Dr Jackson, are able to assess most skin complaints as well as any gluing of cuts or earlobe splits. They have the use of Cryotherapy for treatment of warts, verruca’s and Seborrhoeic warts. After the initial consultation with one of our Doctors, the minor surgery can be done 2 weeks later.

Book online today quickly and easily to start the process.

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