My Specialist GP: Who are We?

We are excited that our My Specialist GP team is growing, and are aware that may leave our patients wondering - exactly who is who?

In this blog we would love to introduce you to all of our specialist GPs at our surgery: what they specialise in, about their speciality and a little bit about themselves. Read on for more!

Dr Mariette Grant

Dr Grant is our Clinical Director at the surgery, specialising in Women's Health, Opthalmology, Dermatology and Aesthetics. She is also able to perform Minor Surgery at our in-house unit. She is a traditionally trained doctor now specialising in General Practice, seeing an urgent need for a preventative, holisitc approach to medicine, spending more time with patients and fully assessing their needs.

Dr Grant is accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners, and holds an interest in predictive and preventative medicine that takes into account environmental, chronic, infective and nutritional functions.

Our Women's Health service offers a full range of care including hormonal issues, problems with periods, menopause, fertility and sexual concerns. Dr Mariette Grant is very experienced in this area, as well as Dr Catherine Tichler who also is happy to help you with any concerns. We offer a review of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), BHRT (Bio Identical HRT) and blood tests to check your thyroid. Our thyroid checks test 9 parameters including T4 and reverse T3, which are not normally tested in NHS practices. We also offer breast checks, cervical smear tests and discussions around contraception - for a full list of the tests available to you, click here.

Dr Peter Petrie

Dr Petrie is an experienced GP, well known to many local residents in Marlow. He has a special interest in Mental Health issues as well as care for the older generations, helping patients keep well rather than only reacting to their symptoms. He specialises in Men's Health as well as the My Weight Solution programme, which looks at reducing weight in those with a BMI of over 35.

Our Men's Health service is all about "restoring the man", discussing and recommending many modern solutions to issues with your testosterone levels, which could be causing what is known as "grumpy man syndrome." Many men feel rejuvenated after testosterone therapy, eradicating symptoms such as tiredness and loss of concentration, sadness and erectile problems. For a full assessment or to find out more about how we can help, click here.

Peter has also participated in our podcast series, which you can listen to here.

Dr Catherine Tichler

Our newest doctor to the team, Dr Tichler, specialises in General Health, Minor Surgery, Women's Health, Post Natal care and Children. She enjoys all aspects of working as a GP due to the wide variety of patients she can help and loves being able to see people face to face, spending time to get to know each person as an individual.

Our minor surgery suite is available for patients with a wide range of skin complaints such as lipomas, skin tags, benign moles, warts and gluing of cuts. We are able to offer Aqualyx to patients, a fat-dissolving injection for small visible lipomas on the face to negate the risk of any potential superficial scarring. To listen to Dr Tichler speak about Minor Surgery in her own words, have a listen to our podcast series by clicking here.

Dr Andrew Jackson

Dr Jackson has a special interest in Sports, Exercise and Musculoskeletal Medicine and Injuries, as well as a specialism in Minor Surgery. He spent two winter seasons working as a registered Mountain Doctor in a ski resort medical centre in the French Alps, and also provides doctor support to Harlequins English Premiership Rugby Club and Windsor & Royal Ascot Horseracing Meetings.

Whether you have an injury or longstanding condition, we can help you with our joint issues and injuries service. Dr Jackson can assess and refer patients for musculoskeletal (MSK) therapy and also administer injections for joint problems, relieving chronic pain conditions such as arthritis in as little as two weeks.

For more information about how we can help your joint issues, have a listen to our podcasts around the subject. Alternatively, click here to read more.

All of our doctors are available for consultations in their specialties. Our surgery is open 6 days a week for your convenience, where we care about you as a whole person and not just one symptom.

You can either book online by clicking here, contacting our surgery by email at or phoning on 01628 478036. We are happy to continue running face to face appointments with appropriate COVID-19 measures in place.