ABOUT My Specialist GP

My Specialist GP gives patients the option of Private, General practitioner care in the centre of Marlow.

As a patient, you can either see our doctors for each appointment you require or you can 'mix and match' with your NHS care.

If you see one of our doctors, you don't need to de-register from your NHS provider. We can either keep your appointment details confidential or let your NHS GP know about your visit if you prefer. 



Our aim is to offer patients longer appointment times (30 minutes) with an experienced and sympathetic GP. Some patients have a longstanding issue that seems hard to fix and despite repeated visits to their usual practice, no solution is found. In your 30 minute appointment, you have time to fully discuss your medical history and with the GP look at other tests and medications that might solve your health issue.It's easy to book a follow up appointment with the same GP for results and discussion. For these appointments we have a 15 minute 'Follow-up' consultation available.

Sometimes, the medication you are on does not really suit you or you would like to see if there is an alternative or newer option available. Because we are a private practice, our GP's are free to prescribe the most appropriate medication for you independent of local provider cost guidelines.

Many of our patients have been reassured by seeing a different doctor to their usual provider to simply discuss their health and be reassured that their current care is appropriate - a second opinion from an independent GP

Our appointments are available every day of the week and we have several evening appointments to suit patients who are not available 9-5.

You can ask to see whichever of our doctors you prefer and we encourage our patients to build a good patient doctor relationship with the GP.

We have appointments available every day of the week and evening appointments on Thursdays.


We welcome new patients to our practice and you do not have to pay a joining fee or complete any paperwork before seeing us.

At your first appointment, the doctor will take any relevant clinical history which of course is confidential.

Bring along any relevant documents and medication details if you like.

If you have not been to us before you can come and see us, for more information call 01628 478036 to make an appointment or

discuss your medical needs.

Alternatively, you can book your first appointment by phone or email without seeing us first.


We are in central Marlow in Crown House, Crown Road Marlow.

The building is also known as The Marlow Clinic and it has several other Health practitioners on-site including Ultrasound, Counselling Therapists, Nutritionists, Aesthetic Beauty and an Acupuncturist.

Our recently refurbished practice is on the ground floor and we have 3 consulting rooms and a Minor Surgery suite. and there is a small car park at the front for patients and staff although we are adjacent to Sainsbury's Pay and Display car park.


Meet The Team

Our talented team offer a variety of spoken languages



Dr Mariette

Clinical Director
• Women's Health
• Ophthalmology
• Dermatology
• Aesthetics

Dr Peter

• Mental Health
• Care for the Elderly
• Weight-loss options

Dr Andrew

• General Health
• Sports and
Exercise Medicine
• Minor Surgery

Dr Sam

• Cardiology
• Dermatology
• Minor Surgery

Dr Franziska Meuschel

Specialist Physician

Nutritional Medicine

Gabriella Karpati


Lucie Lucas

Senior Administrator







Cathy Stewart


Sara Milton

Patient and Finance Administrator

Our trusted partners


Dr Ricardo Petraco


In Marlow, patients can see Dr Ricardo Petraco, a leading consultant cardiologist who works at Imperial College London and Wycombe Hospital. Locally, patients will now have access to 

state-of-the-art diagnostics such as 12-lead ECG, 24-hour ECG monitors (Holters), 24-hour blood pressure monitors and blood tests with same-day results.


Dr Alan Tang

Sexual Health

Dr Alan Tang is a Consultant Physician who has treated people with sexual health and HIV-related conditions for over 30 years. He is the sexual health specialist’s specialist to refer to for in-depth advice when needed after initial management.


Dr Tang has super-specialist interests in male sexual dysfunction and genital skin problems in addition to all aspects of sexually transmitted infections and HIV.


If you would like any correspondence or information in an alternative format (for example, large print or easy read) or if you need help with communicating with us (for example, because you use British Sign Language), please let us know. You can call us on 01628 478036 or email at info@myspecialistgp.co.uk.