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If you book an appointment, you must pay online by following the directions on-screen.

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If you have any queries you can call the appointments team on 01628 478036

between 9-5.30 Monday to Friday or 9-1 on Saturdays.


Your appointment can only be cancelled or rearranged with sufficient notice.


  • Your Doctor                            

  • Time and date                         

  • Type of appointment required. 




  • 30-minute Standard consultation   £130

  • 45 minute BHRT appointment        £200

(This appointment is for patients wishing to discuss

Bio-Identical HRT or for a Menopause Consultation)

  • Cryo treatment                               £65

  • Minor Surgery Consultation                  £130

  • Auricular Haematoma Aspiration          £135

  • 45-minute MSK appointment               £200

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