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Travel clinic appointments for travel advice and vaccines are with our Nurse Ann and cost £40 each - plus the cost of the vaccine. Ann runs her travel clinic on Saturday mornings at the practice from 9 am until 1 pm.


Upon booking, we will send you a questionnaire to complete and return so we may check the requirement and make sure your required vaccine is in stock. Our nurse will give you a record of your vaccines to keep for future reference.

Some vaccines require more than 1 appointment: subsequent appointments required in a course are free and only the cost of the vaccine itself is chargeable.

You can book online, call or email the team.

You can choose to see one of our GPs for vaccines in the week but they do not give advice on which vaccine you require. For this type of appointment please call the practice.

Please click on the vaccination name to find out more.

Some vaccinations require 2 doses.

Yellow Fever

£70 - Temporarily unavailable

Chicken Pox Varivax


Vaccinations for Immunity and Health
For Hay-fever injection a consultation is necessary
with a Doctor £115

Vitamin D
Injection and Appointment


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