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Our Male Health team of GPs includes Dr Kieron Ford, who leads our Male Health team 'Restore the Man'. They can discuss and recommend many modern solutions not typically available on the NHS.

Our warm and friendly doctors can assist men with issues such as Erectile Dysfunction, Urinary issues, Male Menopause, and concerns due to aging

Around 14% of men over the age of 45 can have low Testosterone which can affect men in mood, energy, weight gain, and libido. Symptoms include:


~ Tiredness and loss of concentration

~ Grumpy Old Man Syndrome

~ Feelings of sadness and underachievement

~ Lack of interest in Sex 

~ Erectile problems


Following some simple blood tests and checks, our doctors can discuss with you the suitability of testosterone treatment and then treat low testosterone easily, resulting in a happier, healthier man.

Treatment can commence within a week.

Many men have been rejuvenated as a result of Testosterone therapy and many marriages have benefited as a result!

Call 01628 478036 to enquire or to make an initial appointment to see Dr Petrie.


Prostate health is a common cause for concern in men over the age of 50 and can seriously reduce quality of life.

Patients will be offered a full assessment including investigations and a management plan which might include onward referral where necessary.

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