30 minutes Consultation £130

Follow-up consultations for results are for 15 minutes and cost £85


Our consultations are for 30 minutes to give you sufficient time to discuss any health concerns fully with the GP and to plan treatment options and diagnoses without being rushed


Our GP's are keen to offer our patients choice in their health and prefer to discuss with you various types of treatment and to look at your past medical history to get a full picture of your health.


We aim to view you as 'whole person' and not just your symptoms. In this way, your health can be improved long-term and sustainably, not just a short-term 'fix'.


You do not need to de-register from your NHS provider to see the doctors at MySpecialistGP

Elderly Care

- Second opinion - 1 hour - £250

Further administration time is chargeable if required.




TeleMed Video consultations



Patients can have a Video consultation with one of the GP's providing they have either a laptop or PC.


Patients can book a TeleMed consult by calling the practice on 01628 478036. These consultations are only available to patients

who have previously visited the practice in person.


They are suitable for patients who are unable to visit the practice because of work commitments or other reasons.


Occasionally a subsequent appointment in person will be required depending on the nature of the patient's issue.



45 minute consultation with Doctor to include


Medical History

Lifestyle review

Physical examination

Spirometry-lung function



Blood tests

kidneys, liver, cholesterol and lipid profile, full blood count.

15 minute follow up consultation to discuss results


For men


Faecal Occult blood test, generally if over 45          £32


Testicular examination and self-examination teach     £37 


Prostate examination and tests, generally if over 50       £71.80

For women

Faecal occult blood     £32


Breast examination       £110


( a mammogram can be arranged at extra cost )


Pelvic examination and cervical smear      £162.50


Ovarian Health Screen;

 30 minute consultation with Dr + scan on the premises     £220 

Ca125 test       £126

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