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Platinum Health Screen

At My Specialist GP, we believe in Preventative Healthcare, led by the principle that prevention is better than cure.


This Platinum Health Screening is an excellent way of having a clear picture of your current health.


Areas of potential concern can be highlighted and addressed before they cause health issues in the future. Equally, it is always an advantage to detect symptoms and signs of illness early to have the best chance of successful treatment.

Comprehensive blood tests, urine sample, Faecal sample, ECG, Spirometry, Blood Pressure, BMI calculation, Physical examination, Ultrasound of Abdomen or Gynae Ultrasound, inclusive of a 30-minute follow up consultation with the GP to discuss results and implement any changes needed.


This top-to-toe health assessment will look at the following systems in your body:


Hormones and functional health including Thyroid and Male and Female levels


Heart function and indicators for heart disease, with muscle enzymes


Early indicators of cognitive decline


Assessment of vitamin and mineral levels and any inflammatory markers


Blood levels


Your lung function


Early detection of bowel cancer, diabetes status and overall function


Kidney and bladder function and in men prostate markers

Tumour markers

Both male and female


Overall organ function

How it works

Your first appointment will be a 20-minute meeting with your GP where they will discuss your main health concerns and medical history before you directly see our experienced Health Care Assistant. 


She will undertake the following with you:

  • Blood tests

  • Urine sample

  • ECG

  • Spirometry (lung health)

  • Weight/height for BMI including body measurements

  • Blood pressure 

  • And direct you with your stool sample

The Health Assistant will arrange your Ultrasound appointment (on the premises with our partner business) and the referral for a chest x-ray (optional extra: advised once every 5 years)

Results from all the tests are available in 2-3 days (except Chest X-ray) and in the detailed 40-minute follow-up consultation with the GP, these results will be available for a review and discussion with the Doctor.


Shortly afterwards, your completed Screening pack can be emailed to you or we can send a paper version in the post. Having all your information will allow you to keep track of your health and look at any changes needed to keep you healthy.

The platinum screen has 3 components as above:

1. Initial Doctor and HCA appointment

2. Ultrasound

3. Follow-up consultation with the Doctor

We believe the important part of any assessment is the discussion of results with the Doctor. 

The Doctor can then interpret the results for you as an individual: referencing your age, gender, lifestyle, health conditions, and of course your personal concerns. 

The Doctor will explain these results in 'lay-mans language' and if further tests are required as a result these can be arranged. No referral fee for these would be charged if they are required.


At this consultation, the Doctor will make recommendations for you which might involve lifestyle, Diet, supplementary supports, and therapies that will improve your health.

Testing is also a way of 'bench-marking' your health: and if changes are undertaken then a further follow-up test will register any responses. Knowing the level of your Cholesterol (as a well-known example) helps you focus on making changes to achieve a better level.

A comprehensive health screen such as this will give you the knowledge and tools to be proactive with your health.

Please do not eat for 8 hours before your appointment but drink plenty of water.

You can be healthier, feel and look well, and be reassured by our professional team of Doctors.

Chest x-ray £150
Coeliac screen £234

Chest x-ray £150
Coeliac screen £234

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