We are very pleased to be able to offer patients the option of eye assessments at My Specialist GP - with Dr Mariette Grant leading the service.

Using a Slit Lamp, which is a low power microscope combined with a high intensity light source, we can look at structures at the front of the eye.

Dr Grant has worked as a GPwSI in Ophthalmology at Townlands Hospital

Henley-on-Thames since 2010 and enabled by the charity of the Phillimore Trust has offered NHS primary care Ophthalmology services as a GP service from 2011-2015.

Conditions treated include 


  • dry eyes, 

  • watery eyes, 

  • blepharitis, 

  • conjunctivitis, 

  • removal of foreign bodies or retrieval of lost contact lenses, 

  • assessment of cataracts, 

  • Glaucoma (eye pressures), 

  • eye lid lumps and bumps, 

  • syringing of blocked tear ducts and 

  • other conditions opticians usually recommend onward referral for. 


We can assess your eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, sclera and Iris.


You can book a Consultation with Dr Grant for £130 and if clinically indicated have an eye examination for £49.


Patients who have Glaucoma, can see Dr Grant in conjunction with their Optometrist for monitoring and treatment of their condition.

We can see patients at the prescribed, regular intervals and we have prompt and convenient appointments available.


Dr Grant has performed minor surgery (mole removal, skin tag and wart removal, cyst excision) since 2004. She sought Local Medical Committee approval to privatise non-essential minor ops and save local patients from travelling far to other self pay clinics in 2013. She has provided removal of eye lid lumps and bump surgery on the NHS for several years. Dr Grant has since achieved a second speciality qualification with The British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

We are proud to offer a skin surgery service at My Specialist GP