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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a proactive approach to health to identify and diagnose slow metabolic processes that can affect immediate and long-term health.


It’s a developing and growing area of health that looks at a patient as an individual and we are pleased to offer this to our patients at My Specialist GP. 


You may have heard of a Metabolic diet which aims to help patients reduce weight by burning fat instead of storing it.  This is just part of the puzzle in understanding how our body’s metabolism works and how we can best make it function.


Our metabolism is controlled by Mitochondrial activity which at a cellular level produces the energy currency of the cell, ATP, through respiration and acts to regulate cellular metabolism.


The reactions involved in this activity are collectively known as the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle. People will be familiar with this cycle from studying Biology at school.


Many people, however, have damaged or underperforming Mitochondria due to lifestyle, environmental factors, genetic origin or a change in the levels of hormones in their bodies.  This then affects the body’s ability to function well.  Many health issues are at their root caused by these mitochondrial deficiencies.


At My Specialist GP, we have a range of specialised tests which are suitable for a surprisingly large range of issues a patient may be experiencing.


Once the underlying cause of poor health is established, the correct supplements and lifestyle changes can have drastic results.

Hormonal Health Consultation - £285

This consultation is for patients with issues and concerns around their Thyroid function.

We offer detailed blood tests to look at subtle changes in your Thyroid gland not typically offered on the NHS.


We prescribe specific medications in both standard and Bespoke compounds for your personal requirements. 




A woman aged 45 presented to us having been diagnosed and treated for many years with depression.


Increasing her levels of depression medication had not satisfactorily treated her although she had seen specialists and other doctors.


We viewed her as a whole patient and not only the specific symptoms and decided to test very specific levels of Thyroid hormones not normally assessed by the NHS.


They were found to be imbalanced. She was treated for this imbalance to restore her correct levels which resulted in her depression symptoms resolving and she was able to stop taking anti-depressants.


Her life was transformed and she felt ‘so healthy and well.’




A man, aged 51, had been overweight for a long time which had resulted in high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels.


He was feeling unwell and was keen to lose weight which had not happened with conventional approaches.

At My Specialist GP, we assessed his hormones and then an Intensive weight management regime was designed specifically for him.


This resulted in a 3 stone weight loss, his blood pressure returned to normal levels and his cholesterol reduced from 7 to 3.


Hormones and supplements are prescribed in order to restore the natural balance in our bodies to enhance the mitochondrial activity we all need.

7/10 people after testing are found to have some form of deficiency and many of these can be treated well with Vitamin D, Iron and Iodine. 

Interestingly, Cardiologists and Neurologists are increasingly treating patients with supplements as opposed to medications as the functional medicine approach becomes more accepted and known.

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