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Minor Surgery Procedures

My Specialist GP's experienced team of Doctors and Healthcare Assistants can provide a complete range of solutions for annoying and worrying skin complaints including lipomas, skin tags, and benign moles.


Why our patients use our 
Minor Surgery Suite

☑️ Skin tags


☑️ Seborrhoeic Keratosis


☑️ Lipoma removal


☑️ Pilar cyst removal


☑️ Wart and verruca treatment

☑️ Cut stitching, glueing, and stitch removal

Our Minor Surgery suite is specifically designed to give the patient a comfortable and easy experience to minimise any discomfort or unease about the procedure.

Patient service and ease are our priorities and our staff is specifically trained and experienced to give the best patient experience. 

Using cautery and local anaesthesia we can treat and remove Sebhorroeic Keratosis (benign skin tumours that tend to come with age) and small non-suspicious moles and lipomas.

Lipomas which are fatty benign lumps can be surgically removed and we also can stitch or glue superficial cuts.

Pilar cysts (growing from hair follicles ) can be treated.

We have electrotherapy, cryotherapy and Silver Nitrate available for the treatment of warts and verruca’s.

Want to see the process? Watch a Wart and Skin Tag
Minor Surgery

Skin tags can be excised safely and quickly by our surgically trained GP, Dr Morar.


Patients will be seen by either Dr Morar or Dr Jackson who have many years of Minor Surgery and skin assessment experience.


Depending on its position and nature, we can sometimes treat facial areas but this is at the discretion of the Doctor.


In all cases, an initial 20-minute careful evaluation with the Doctor is required.

For any type of Minor surgery, patients can either book for an initial 20-minute detailed consultation to discuss their skin issue or if there is doubt whether the Doctor can help, you can send images for clarification. This is free of charge but is to give an initial view only as to whether we can help and diagnosis is not possible by this method. On occasion, images are not sufficient.

At the initial 20-minute consultation (£105.00), the Doctor will examine the patient, discuss the options, pricing, and then the recommended procedure.

A cooling off period is required of 7-14 days before any surgery can be done (excluding stitching and cuts) following Royal College of Surgeons guidelines. This allows time to consider the 'pros and cons' and make an informed choice.


Book your initial Minor Surgery Consult

20 Minutes


Occasionally, onward referral to a Skin Specialist is advised if the GP is concerned. Any surgery required close to the eye area or in very visible facial areas may well require referral to a plastic surgeon.


If the patient decides in favour of the treatment recommended, the Doctor and patient together will complete the consent form.


The treatment itself can then be completed at a subsequent appointment at the patient’s convenience. 


Some skin areas removed must be sent for examination at a laboratory to confirm the nature of the tissue and then the laboratory fee will apply: the doctor will advise you of this at the initial appointment.

But in some circumstances, the Doctor may decide this is not necessary.

We have a dedicated Minor Surgery Suite to perform these procedures which is specifically designed to provide the most comfortable and best environment for sterile and semi-sterile techniques.


A local anesthetic is used to provide a pain-free treatment for patients.


If you would like any more information before booking, please call 01628 478036 to speak to our helpful reception team.


Histological analysis of the samples is undertaken at a fully accredited Consultant-led private Laboratory.

Most results are available within 72 hours.



Lab Fee
Initial Consult
20 minutes
Skin tag removal (1-3)
£128 (same body area)
20 minutes
Skin tag removal (4 or more)
£128 (same body area)
30 minutes
Seborrheic Keratosis (1-3)
£128 (single)
30 minutes
Seborrheic Keratosis (4 or more)
£128 (single)
45 minutes
Lipoma removal (usually 1 per appointment but may be 2)
£128 (single) - £210 (two) - £315 (three)
45 minutes
Cyst removal (usually 1 per appointment)
£128 (single)
45 minutes
Wart and verruca treatment (1-3)
£128 (single)
30 minutes
Mole excision (usually 1)
£138 to £315 (max of 3)
30 minutes
Cut stitching
20 minutes
Stitch removal (7-10 days post surgery by nurse)
15 minutes
Ingrown Toenail (per toe)
45 minutes
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