Minor Surgery Procedures

My Specialist GP's experienced team of Doctors and nurses can provide a complete range of solutions for annoying and worrying skin complaints including lipomas, skin tags, and benign moles.


Our newly opened Minor Surgery suite is specifically designed to give the patient a comfortable and easy experience to minimise any discomfort or unease about the procedure.

Patient service and ease are our priorities and our staff is specifically trained and experienced to give the best patient experience. 


We also offer repair of split earlobes and stitching and gluing of cuts and cryotherapy is available for the treatment of warts, verruca’s, and Seborrhoeic warts.

We are able to offer Aqualyx to patients, a fat-dissolving injection suitable for small visible lipomas. The injection negates the risk of any potential superficial scarring, for example on the face.

Patients will be seen by either Dr Grant or Dr Jackson who have many years between them of Minor Surgery and skin assessments

Patients can book for an initial 20 minute consultation to discuss their concerns.

At this initial 20 minute consultation (£100.00), the Doctor will examine the patientdiscuss any options, pricing and then the recommended procedure.


Occasionally, onward referral to a Skin Specialist is advised.

If the patient decides in favour of the treatment recommended, the Doctor and patient together will complete the consent form

(this appointment is not required for stitching and gluing of cuts).


The treatment itself can then be completed at a subsequent appointment at the patient’s convenience. 


Most skin areas removed must be sent for examination at a laboratory to confirm the nature of the tissue

and then the laboratory fee will applyIn some circumstances, the Doctor may decide this is not necessary.

We have a dedicated Minor Surgery Suite to perform these procedures which is specifically designed to provide the most comfortable and best environment for sterile and semi sterile techniques.


A local anaesthetic is used to provide a pain-free treatment for patients.


If you would like any more information before booking, please call 01628 478036 to speak to our helpful reception team.


Histological analysis of the samples is undertaken at a fully accredited Consultant-led private Laboratory.

Most results are available within 72 hours.


Initial Consult
20 minutes
Minor Surgery consult to remove between 1-3 skin tags
30 minutes
Minor Surgery consult to remove 4+ skin tags
45 minutes
Minor surgery consult and removal of other skin lesions (eg. Cysts, Sebhorroeic warts, Lipoma)
45 minutes
Facial Lipoma Dissolving Injection
15 minutes
Cut stitching or Gluing
15 minutes
Stitch removal
15 minutes
Split earlobe repair
15 minutes



Skin tags                     £98 - £168 (depending on number)

Sebhorroeic Wart         £98

Lipoma                           £133 - £203 (depending on number)

Mole removal               £98 - £168 (depending on number)

In some circumstances, the Doctor, in discussion with the patient,

may decide that analysis of the sample is not necessary.