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We offer a complete range of Tests for our patients; please contact us if the test you require  is not listed.

Both our Doctors and Phlebotomists can take blood tests and the results are usually back the same day or next day (depending on the type of test requested).

Results from tests are encrypted so your confidentiality is assured at all times.

Blood test results are reviewed by the Doctor looking after you and you can choose to have a follow up Phone consultation or Short Consultation to discuss the results.

If you would like to have a copy of your results, these can be emailed to you.

ECG    £105

We can take readings of your electrical heart function - Electrocardiogram - which records the rhythm and activity of your heart on a strip of moving paper. You can either have this test at the time of your appointment with your GP or at a later convenient appointment. If you choose a later appointment, discussion of your results with your Doctor will be necessary at a follow up consultation - either by phone or at the Clinic.

ECG is a useful test to confirm an irregular heart beat, to diagnose a heart attack (MI) or to see if you had a heart attack in the past or to see if your heart is enlarged or thickened.


It is simple and involves sticking some small pads to the chest and takes about 10 minutes to complete. 


We are unique as a Private GP service in being able to provide on-site Ultrasound scans for patients. Scans can be arranged 'Same day' or within 1 week to suit the patient

The different categories are

Abdominal (Liver ,Gall Bladder, Kidneys and the organs in the upper abdomen) £130

Gynaecological (Uterus and Ovaries ) £130

Lower limb vascular (to exclude DVT - Deep vein thrombosis) £130

Small Parts  (Testes and Thyroid) £130

KUB (Kidneys and Bladder )  £130

Aorta (to exclude aneurysm) £130


Some types of scan do require patient preparation so

they may not be possible as a 'Same Day' appointment


We can take swabs to check for Sexually transmitted infections (STI) and for conditions such as MRSA and confirming the type of infection present.


This can allow for the most appropriate Antibiotic being prescribed, if needed.

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