My Specialist GP is pleased to introduce a Membership for patients to access

healthcare with our experienced and friendly team. 

Patients can still visit My Specialist GP without being a  member and simply

'Pay As You Go' or at anytime joining one of our Memberships.

We are pleased to also offer a Family Membership option to our patients.

Click here for more information and details on discounts.

silver plan

This is our competitively priced option that will generally suit most individuals and families.

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gold plan

This option is more expensive but includes more of our services and may be suitable for those with health concerns or who would like complete peace of mind where their health is concerned.

senior care plan

This SSC Plan is best suited to patients who are predominantly housebound. In addition to the Gold benefits, the SSC Care Plan comprises of 4 free GP home visits a year and, 4 free Specialist Nurse home visits per year


There are THREE levels of membership available

depending on your personal situation and requirements.

- Menopause Consult not included -


If you would like more information or to discuss which Option is best suited to you,

either call our helpful Team on 01628 478036 to discuss or come into the Practice in person.

We recommend you call before coming to the practice to ensure

a member of staff is available.


You can choose to pay by:

Bank card or cash at the practice in person or over the phone

• Set up a monthly Direct Debit.

To Join one of our membership plans and pay by Direct Debit please complete

the following steps 1, 2 and 3 below.

Once we have received your details and have your Direct Debit instruction in place,

you will receive an email from us to confirm the commencement of your new Membership Plan.

We have partnered with SAGEPAY and GOCARDLESS to ensure the privacy and safety

of your bank information.​

Please fill every box as indicated below.


Once you have filled your Sign-up form please head over to Step 2 to set up your Direct Debit. 

Please remember to specify in the form below which membership you require. 


Thanks for submitting!

Now head over to step 2


(Minimum of 1 year required)

Once we have the DD confirmation and the completed form,

you will receive an email from us within 24 hours to confirm the successful setting up of

your new Membership Plan

Follow the link below to set up your Direct Debit in a new page.

3. Health questionnaire  

Before your first appointment we will ask you to fill out a Health Questionnaire

you can do this at the clinic or print the following file and bring it in with you on your first visit. 

Click the icon to download your Health Questionnaire 

Joining Fees: one-off joining fee payable per person or per family.

The joining fee is the same for each Plan

FAMILY                                                                      £250

INDIVIDUAL                                                               £100

Additional Household Member                                     £50