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We have specialist GPs for Women's Health and a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who can offer a full range of care including Hormonal issues, Problems with periods, Fertility and Sexual Concerns.


Dr Sonali Dasgupta (GP) and Dr Clare Ashby (GP) are very experienced in this field and believe in viewing the female patient as a whole and not as a single health issue to be resolved.


Sometimes there is more than one issue at play aside from the presenting feature and this requires the expertise of a specially trained Doctor. 

Patients with menopause concerns can book an appointment for a full discussion on symptoms and management choices which is up to 45 minutes and costs £299. At this appointment, our doctors take a full medical history including current health concerns, and then discuss various options with the patient.

Following this appointment some tests may be recommended and the results reviewed and recommendations made by the Doctor. This follow-up appointment costs £205 and is for up to 30 minutes.

Depending on the nature of the tests and discussion with the GP, this may be done in a telephone call which costs £115 at the Doctors discretion.

  • Some patients are either approaching Menopause or are in the Menopause and would like to find out their options by discussing with a specialist.

  • Other patients are interested in simply having time to discuss their Menopause concerns or to review their current HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) solutions with the Doctor and then don’t require any tests or prescriptions.

  • Many women have hormonal imbalances which cause difficulties which are not menopause related such as Oestrogen dominance, endometriosis, face and body hair, low mood etc.

  • Thyroid imbalances can also cause a wide range of symptoms and are often go undiscovered and diagnosed. Our Doctors have special training and experience in this area.

Investigation of hormone imbalance requires blood testing and/or saliva tests to assess the current hormone levels so that personalised, minimal medication can be prescribed. 

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45 Minutes

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Three generations of women

Our philosophy is to navigate any hormone replacement therapy scientifically and safely so as to avoid under or over- dosage as both scenarios may have significant adverse effects on long-term health outcomes. 

Careful, ongoing testing of hormone levels is the cornerstone of our treatment of patients. 


We offer BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy) to patients which contains natural versions of hormones and is configured for the individual patient's hormone levels to maintain balance: we aim to restore to the natural level and not overdose.


Often, female hormones are considered to be Oestrogen and Progesterone, with Testosterone not included. We believe that to properly complete a patient's treatment, taking a good history looking at symptoms, testing carefully and then prescribing minimally but correct doses are the correct way forward.


We also discuss HRT solutions which can then be prescribed and either continue with us or then carry on with that prescription subsequently with their NHS GP.


HRT can be taken either as a pill, a lotion on the skin or in a small adhesive patch.


For many women, there are other benefits to taking HRT other than the stereotypical ‘hot flushes’.

An imbalance of Oestrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone can give rise to a variety of undesirable symptoms such as:


  • Vaginal dryness

  • Loss of libido

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Change in cognitive function (memory)

  • Unexplained Weight gain around the midriff

  • Irritability and mood swings sometimes leading to depression

  • Decreasing bone density



These symptoms can have a severe effect on women’s quality of life, particularly bearing in mind that Menopause occurs on average at 51 – leaving 20+ years of less than optimal living.

Other less well-known benefits of balancing hormones are to aid Fertility, help clear acne and optimise energy and immunity.


Our specialist Doctors also consider the patients' Thyroid and Adrenal hormone systems as these are increasingly being shown to have a prominent effect on health. These specialised tests, which are not to be confused with a simple Thyroid blood test, can be done by testing Saliva and the information gained can be startling in it's detail and often more revealing than a conventional test offered elsewhere.


Our Endocrine system is complex and a visual depiction can be described as a finely balanced symmetrical ring, each hormone and system important constituents of the whole. If one part of the ring falls then the ring will be disturbed, irregular in shape and symptoms will result.


See our Tests Tab for more information on these tests.


Gynaecologist Appointments

Miss Grainger sees patients at the practice for a range of Female Health Concerns.


Initially a patient will have a 30 minute consultation.

If a procedure is undertaken, for example a coil fitting, coil removal, smear test, then this will be an additional 15 min.

You can book your Gynaecologist Appointments directly from here


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