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Detailed Menopause Consultation

This appointment is suitable for women who feel they may be starting to go through the menopause, those suffering from symptoms or anyone who wishes to discuss what changes they may expect and how to stay as healthy as possible during this time.

These appointments are face-to-face as research and our experience has shown this to be the best way to start a patient to Doctor relationship in terms of accuracy, trust and professionalism. We do not recommend an initial telephone or video consultation (even though these are more cost-effective to other businesses) and if you are new to the practice you will need to bring photo ID with you. 


The appointment is for up to 45 minutes and we encourage patients to record the consultation on their phones as many aspects of health and testing are discussed which is often very detailed in content. We review your medical history, current symptoms and your wishes and then suggest how we would bespoke our treatment for you.


Hormone testing is an important part of our care and we find many patients who come to us having been already prescribed HRT elsewhere are in fact, being overmedicated. There may also be other hormonal imbalances affecting the way Oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are being absorbed and utilised by the body and depending on the consultation content, we may advise testing for these.


We encourage an open discussion between clinician and patient and discuss the pros and cons of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and a physical examination including a breast & gynaecological check if indicated.

Our practice is to 


  1. Discuss

  2. test to assess current hormone levels and then 

  3. prescribe the minimum amount of hormone to have the desired effect 


We believe that HRT should re-establish the patient's biological ‘norm’ and not over-supplement hormones: both to resolve symptoms and to minimise any possible negative effects.

Bone density scanning and tests as appropriate are available at an extra cost which is quoted at the time of the appointment. Which tests are required depends upon the individual but as a guide, here are some costs:


Basic Hormone Blood test £118

Detailed Thyroid and well-being blood test £203

Ultrasound scan (Gynae) £130

Other blood tests £92 to £105

Saliva testing (hormones) including cortisol testing £178 to £315


​We can also discuss the option of Bio-Identical HRT (BHRT), which is a more bespoke treatment for Menopause based on blood tests looking at individual hormone levels for patients.

It is made from plant-based or synthesised components and not artificially made chemicals. This option for menopause treatment is not available on the NHS but it is suitable for both Women and Men who are either in middle age or experiencing the symptoms of Menopause. This hormone is prescribed in the form of cream or gel which is applied to the skin and absorbed that way.

As part of our care for patients, a follow-up appointment when test results have been received may be required which costs £135 and may be in-person or via Phone or Zoom. For some patients, a follow-up appointment is not necessary, depending on their requirements, budget and whether the results are as expected. In some instance, follow-up can be via email communication which is not chargeable.


The prescription of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is based on the levels of hormones in your blood and is specific to each individual. The BHRT prescription can only be fulfilled by a specialist pharmacy and does not use 'off the shelf' HRT.

Once we have prescribed HRT we strongly recommend a re-test at about 3 months to check whether the hormones are then at the desired levels. This is decided by the Doctor and can be blood or saliva testing. This is done before a repeat prescription is filled to ensure that ‘hormones are at target’ and not over or under-supplemented.

Thereafter, we will request the patient attends for a review at 12 months with the Doctor and that for women, a Gynaecological ultrasound is done: to measure the endometrial thickness (lining of the womb) and the health of the ovaries. 

If any unusual findings are discovered on testing, then the prescription of HRT/BHRT will be adjusted. 

Our priority is the correct dosage of hormones to replicate your personal ‘biological norm’.

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