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Covid19 Immunity Response

We are your Private GP in Buckinghamshire, based in Marlow.


Our experienced doctors and high-level of service guarantees a positive patient experience. We want to help you return to full health.


Each doctor at My Specialist GP has a special interest in an area of health. We can help you and your family with a wider variety of conditions without the need for onwards referral.


We are open for face-to-face consultations. 

Everything you would see an NHS doctor for, but quicker and better.

Government-approved provider of Private general testing.

Day 2 and Day 8 Testing for Travel Available to book online.


What we offer


Standard 30 minute Consultation -  £130

Our consultations are for 30 minutes to give you sufficient time to discuss any health concerns fully with your GP and to plan treatment options and diagnoses  without being rushed.

We aim to view you as a 'whole person' and not just your symptoms. In this way, your health can be improved long-term and sustainably, not just a short-term 'fix'.


You do not need to de-register from your NHS provider to see the doctors at  My Specialist GP.


My Specialist GP's experienced team of Doctors and nurses can provide a complete range of solutions for annoying and worrying skin complaints including lipomas, skin tags, and benign moles.


"That was such great a surgery, the stitching is almost unseeable"