Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Our Digestive System has its own Nervous System which can operate independently of the brain, meaning it secretes hormones and regulates our immune system and it contains nerves that are involved with emotion and stress.

Optimising your gut health can have an incredible domino effect on your physical and mental health, ranging from the effects on mood and emotions to the ability to adapt to stress, skin and hair health, body composition (proportion of fat and non-fat mass in your body) and a plethora of other things. 


Through individual research of your own food sensitivities, allergies and supplements, we can drastically help improve your physical and mental performance.

Dr Meuschel specialises in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, optimising health and performance with nutritional medicine and tailored immune support including micro-immunotherapy.


She can offer you a second opinion on alternative approaches to improve your wellbeing or how to treat underlying chronic conditions.

Dr Meuschel (Specialist Physician), can assess your overall health including your nutritional status and help you address any existing risk factors or possible deficiencies due to diet or a stressful lifestyle.

The cost of this 45 min in-depth consultation is £200

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