Blood test for
T-Cell Response to COVID19

We have a new blood test available at My Specialist GP for patients wishing to check their T-Cell response to COVID-19. In response to the COVID virus your body can produce B-cell antibodies or T-Cell antibodies.

This test is called the Covid T-Cell test.

Until recently only a B-cell response could be tested via a blood test which is known to wane over time.

This new test from a UKAS registered lab in Oxford, can confirm if you have a T-cell antibody response.

There are 3 main reasons a patient might consider having this test:

  • A previous low response of B-Cell antibody - either post Vaccine or post COVID (which would have been revealed by a blood test)

  • Assist with decision making of whether to have further vaccinations 

  • Surprisingly tested negative on PCR and lateral flow when in contact with COVID positive family or friends

The results from the test are either Reactive (positive) or Non-Reactive (negative). Currently this test cannot give a level of response. 

Included in the cost of this test is an optional phone consultation with one of our GP’s to discuss the result/ implication.


We have recently upgraded our online payment system by partnering with PayPal. 
You do not have to create an account with them to pay and book online.

Blood test