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Blood test for

COVID19 vaccination response

As more people have the vaccination there is more interest in being reassured as to your own individual response.

We are pleased to offer our patients a blood test which can detect whether your body has made a response to the

COVID 19 (SARS -CoV-2) vaccination. 

This blood test using the ROCHE system, measures the level of spike antibodies in your blood and will give a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE result. If there is a positive result and you have not previously had the virus, then it indicates that the vaccination has been taken up by your body appropriately.


We recommend this test after 14 days or more per vaccination as the accuracy is then 99.7%.

After your second vaccination there will be a much higher reading indicating the body’s uptake to the vaccine 

The test price of £120 includes an optional phone discussion with a GP on the results from the test.

Possible results:

• Negative: no response to vaccine and no previous Covid infection

• Positive low level: response to vaccine 1 or previous Covid infection

• Positive High level: response to vaccine 2  or previous Covid infection

As this area of clinical testing develops, more clinical detail will be made available.

We have recently upgraded our online payment system by partnering with PayPal. 
You do not have to create an account with them to pay and book online.

Blood test

Please make sure you have read and understand the terms of the tests.

ID in the form of photo drivers licence or Passport is required at testing and Dr's appointment.

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