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Working in partnership with One Heart Clinic from Harley Street we now offer in-house

Cardiology consultations and Diagnostic tests.

If you have concerns about your heart we offer patients Consultations and diagnostics with a Consultant Cardiologist and diagnostics in the comfortable surroundings of My Specialist GP.

You can self refer to see the Cardiologist for:

Cardiovascular check-up and risk assessment

Screening pre-exercise programs


Syncope (collapse) 

Dizziness or Palpitations

One Heart Clinic is a leading cardiology unit based in Harley Street, led by world-renowned consultant cardiologists (   

In Marlow, patients can see Dr Ricardo Petraco, a leading consultant cardiologist who works at Imperial College London and Wycombe Hospital. Locally, patients will now have access to 

state-of-the-art diagnostics such as 12-lead ECG, 24-hour ECG monitors (Holters), 24-hour blood pressure monitors and blood tests with same-day results.


If required, patients will be directly referred to Harley Street for advanced diagnostic imaging

such as Cardiac MRI and CT.

We, at My Specialist GP, believe that the best cardiac care for our patients can only be

achieved by offering specialized consultations and advanced diagnostics. 

For you and your heart. 








24 Hour ECG


7 day ECG


24 Blood Pressure monitor


Blood test panel


Echocardiography (Ultrasound of heart)


Other specialised tests


*Consultation with Cardiologist, Dr Petraco

Patients can self refer by calling the Marlow practice direct on 01628 478036 or via One Heart Clinic on 02039838001 / mentioning Marlow as their desired location.

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