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Health Screen

45 mins • £398

Well-person Health Checks

This health screen is 45 minutes to give you sufficient time to discuss your

past medical history and to get a full picture of your health without being rushed


You do not need to de-register from your NHS provider to see the doctors at

My Specialist GP.

If you are one of our members, you can book this service directly from your member area.

Basic Health Screen £398

45 minute consultation with Doctor to include


Medical History

Lifestyle review

Physical examination

Spirometry-lung function



Blood tests (kidneys, liver, cholesterol and lipid profile, full blood count).


15 minute follow up consultation to discuss results.

Enhanced Screen Extras
For Men

Faecal Occult blood test, generally if over 45.  £32.00

Testicular examination & self examination teach.  £37.00


Prostate examination and PSA test, generally if over 50. £71.80

For Women

Faecal occult blood. £32.00

Breast examination  & self examination teach. £110.00


Pelvic examination and cervical smear. £162.00


30 minutes consultation to include ultrasound scan of ovaries £220.00

Ca 125 blood test additional  £126.00


Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women and is more likely to occur in those over the age of 50 although it can affect women of any age. The symptoms can be quite vague and difficult to recognise in the early stages but can include bloating, abdominal pain and difficulty eating.

There is no screening programme available on the NHS as there is not currently a single suitable test but the use of ultrasound scan in combination with a blood test to check levels of Ca125, a marker for ovarian cancer, can be useful in picking up some cases.

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