COVID-19 Recovery

We can now provide a COVID-19 Certificate Of Recovery.

Some countries will now accept a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery, confirming recent infection with SARS-CoV-2 via PCR, and your subsequent recovery.

For us to provide a Certificate of Recovery you must have the following:

  • Evidence of a positive PCR result (can be on an NHS email) no more than 180 prior

  • Have completed your 10 day isolation , unless instructed otherwise by the NHS (evidence required)

  • You must not have any symptoms of COVID such as a cough or fever 

  • Bring with you photo ID 

This 15 minute GP appointment is for the doctor to assess that there are no current symptoms of COVID. This appointment cannot be used to discuss any other health issues. If possible symptoms of the virus are detected, the certificate cannot be issued and a fee of £85 will be charged. 

If no symptoms of current infection are found and the required documentation is correct, the certificate can be issued at the appointment. 


The Certification costs £125 including the Doctors time 

Paper or digital certificates can be issued. 


Please read the following guidelines and instructions below carefully.


What is a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

A Covid recovery certificate simply states that you have had Covid-19, but have since recovered, and are thought to have natural immunity from re-infection.

How do Covid-19 Recovery Certificates work?

You will need to be able to display a positive PCR test from the last 180 days, but not in the last 10 days, and be free from symptoms of Covid-19 for 10 days (these timescales may vary).

What can a Covid Recovery Certificate be used for?

Covid-recovery certificates are required for certain events, locations, airlines, and countries.

Can I still get a certificate if I have recovered from Covid-19 but my tests are still positive?

Yes, the Covid-19 recovery certificate is perfect for you in that case Tests after recovery following infection with Covid-19 can be positive for months. If you have recovered and are still testing positive for Coronavirus but are not showing symptoms, a medical evaluation can assess if you have recovered and are no longer at risk of infecting others.

Who can get a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

Anyone who has evidence of a Covid-19 PCR test result between 10 and 180 days, and has recovered, is likely to be eligible.

Who is not eligible from getting a Covid-19 recovery certificate?

You will not be eligible for a certificate if you do not fit the criteria, or if you have had a positive test in the last 10 days. If you have recovered from Coronavirus you can stop taking tests and can book an evaluation with us 10 days after your last Covid test or since you last experienced symptoms.

How will I receive my Certificate?

Your certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF within 2 hours of the appointment or you can collect a paper copy from the practice

Can children get a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

Currently, there is no age limit to receiving a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate.

How long after a positive test can you get a Covid Recovery Certificate?

You can get a Covid Recovery certificate for up to 180 days after you tested positive, but not in the last 10 days (14 days if you were hospitalised)

How long after first experiencing Coronavirus symptoms can you get a Covid Recovery Certificate?

You need to have been symptom-free for more than 10 days (14 days if you were hospitalised).

Can you use a Covid Recovery Certificate for travel?

Yes, this is the most common use of the Covid Recovery certificate. Please ensure you check the requirements of your airline and destination country before booking an appointment with one of our GPs.

At my appointment, can I discuss other health concerns?

No the appointment is just for the Doctor to check your details and to check for Covid symptoms.


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Covid Recovery Certificate