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My Weight Solution is a doctor-led weight management solution for patients who are concerned about their health.

Losing weight can be difficult even if you are determined and have tried either dieting or exercise

or both without achieving a healthier weight.


My Weight Solution is suitable for almost anyone and has the best results if you have a BMI of 30+.


It is not suitable for pregnant women, those breastfeeding, and Diabetics who are on Insulin.


Dr Keiron Ford will be with you on your weight loss journey to

Inform, Monitor, and encourage you as you shed the pounds to reach a healthier build.

Patients taking this prescribed medication have lost significant amounts of weight leading to:

1. Lowering of blood pressure to normal readings

2. reversal of pre-diabetic readings

3. improved mental health 

The initial programme is for 4 weeks and consists of a 30-minute appointment with first our experienced HCA who will take your blood pressure, measurements, and weight and calculate your BMI.


Then you will see Dr Ford, who will discuss the medication, assess your suitability and if appropriate, decide on a medication treatment plan. A blood test will be taken at this appointment to rule out any potential underlying health issues that would make the medication unsuitable.

This is to assess your liver and kidney function and your average blood glucose (sugar) level.


The results of the test will be shared with the patient. Providing the blood results are normal the treatment will be prescribed which you can collect from the practice or have delivered to your home address for an additional £20. 

After 3 weeks on the medication there will be a 5 minute phone call with your GP to check how the treatment is going and if all is well then a further prescription for an increased dose prescribed. The medication we prescribe has varying levels. After 1 month a blood test will be taken to confirm all is well.


Continued treatment


After your initial experience with the treatment, you can remain at the same dosage or after discussion increase your dosage depending on your response to the medication. All patients start on the lower dose and some lose weight. Others don't lose weight and then they will move to a higher dosage as discussed with the Doctor.

Subsequent injection pens cost either £190 if collected in the practice or £220 including prescription fee and cold chain delivery fee if delivered to home



The medication is prescribed and the dosage explained to you.

It is a self-administered weekly injection (similar in style to Diabetic injections) and the technique of  ‘how to do it’ will be explained in detail to you.  We want to help you with your weight-loss journey and not just prescribe a treatment and let you figure it out yourself!

The pen has disposable needles for hygiene and it feels like a small scratch when administered. We are not allowed to display the name of the medication here, unfortunately.


As part of the treatment, our Doctors are available for follow-up appointments as required which will be arranged at the initial appointment and then ongoing appointments as you continue with the treatment. For example, if the medication is upsetting you or you have any other issues.


My Weight Solution is a proven method of weight loss that works for most people.

At 3 months you will have another blood test to check your health as the treatment is a drug which in very few cases causes some disturbance to your normal functions. This will also show your body's response to the medication which can be very encouraging to see your health improve. We also retake your blood pressure and weigh and measure you so you will have a documented treatment response providing more encouragement and motivation.

The blood tests require you to not eat or drink for 12 hours prior to get the most accurate reading. Water is fine.

If after the 12-week programme you have not lost more than 5% of your body mass, then further injections will not, unfortunately, stimulate more weight loss. We can’t guarantee that everyone will lose weight on My Weight Solution but it’s very likely you will.

Your Doctor will discuss with you your adjustments to your lifestyle in terms of nutrition and exercise for health and for ongoing benefit of the treatment.




The desired weight loss is usually over a 12 week period but for some patients, this may be longer as the medication levels are adjusted as the weeks pass based on the patients' feedback and how much weight they have to lose.

Price includes 1 injectable pen


In this time we include the following:

In person Detailed Consultation


  • Initial 30-minute appointment with Dr Petrie or Dr Ford, and the HCA / Nurse

  • Weight, measurements, and blood pressure taken

  • Detailed blood test 

  • Prescription of 1 pen for 4 weeks: either collect in the practice or delivered to your home (additional £20)

  • Phone consultation with Dr Ford after 3 weeks (5 minutes)

Continued treatment

TOTAL = £729.60 OR IF HOME DELIVERED £789.60
- Cost can be spread across 2 months

  • Blood test at the practice: £174.28 

  • Your GP will check the result and all being well will order the next 2 prescription pens

  • Prescription for 8 weeks collected in the practice is £380 or delivered to your home address £440 (additional fee)

  • Check-in with the practice as needed

  • At end of 3 months treatment, blood pressure, measurements, and weight by HCA at practice and a blood test £174.28

  • The Doctor will review your results at 3 months and if all is well and further weight is to be lost, additional pens can be prescribed at £190 at the practice or £220 if home delivered

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