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Patient Participation Group

Meeting 27.04.23 @ 6 pm 

Minutes from the Patient Participation Group meeting.

Staff - Cathy Stewart Managing Director
Dr Keiron Ford  Clinical Director

Minutes - Lucie Lucas Senior Administrator

Patients: AJ,  GP,  MW

Apologies received from AB, SW  and KB


Thanks to the members of the PPG for attending.

Dr Keiron Ford introduced himself to the PPG - briefly describing his previous and current commitments with the NHS alongside MSGP. He has confirmed that he intends to oversee that MSGP continues to offer a good, patient-centred service to the patients at MSGP.


AJ summarized the points from the previous PPG: focus on hormonal health, thyroid and menopause and HRT and BHRT. The transition has been smooth and many new patients have come for advice from Dr Sonali Dasgupta since Dr Grant's departure who has taken over her list of patients. 


MSGP has given up on the idea of the Ozempic (Weight loss ) support group -  it appears there wasn't a sufficient number of patients interested to commit to such projects. 

Dr Ford suggested that there are other Ozempic support groups online patients can always connect with such as, or directly on the manufacturer's website. 

MSGP is currently reviewing their policy on the care and management of patients on Ozempic treatment, making sure that all patients are regularly monitored with blood tests and follow-ups. This is despite the fact the Ozempic is available for online purchase without any monitoring. As soon as the policy has been finalised MSGP will run an audit on the regularity of checks ups for these patients. 

Dr Ford said that Ozempic is currently available on the NHS only to diabetic patients in the Tier 3 management programme. 


MSGP's Mental Health Initiative has now finished, partly also due to Dr Petrie's retirement. The school we worked with gave us very positive feedback on these children's progress. 


Staffing news: 

Dr Petrie has retired but promised to work on occasional days, especially to cover for Doctors' absences.


Dr Pritesh Morar, who is a trained surgeon, has joined the clinic and has already performed several successful minor surgeries.


Dr Rosie Granger, Consultant Gynaecologist, sees her patients on Monday afternoons and is much in demand. She will be extending the offer of her expertise to gynaecological minor surgeries. 


A new Nurse should start imminently - her work will be focusing on phlebotomies and vaccinations on Saturday, she will be the clinical lead for our Yellow fever vaccination centre, which is currently on hold since Dr Grant has left.


Our HCA Bobbi works full-time Mon -Fri, she is a very capable phlebotomist and also assists the doctors with surgeries and chaperoning. 


Shane - our new receptionist is still in training - so far proving to be a good team player and a fast learner.


Cathy is in discussions with another female GP, who will hopefully join Dr Sonali Dasgupta as the demand for appointments keeps growing. 


MSGP has launched a new service - ONLINE doctor - currently the appointments are only booked with Dr Ford and we expect to add more doctors to this option. 


MSGP has noticed a slight uplift in complaints although we are significantly busier but unfortunately, some of these complaints are presented in a very angry and abusive manner  - any reason for this? post Covid stress, and increased living costs could be also the reasons.


Another CQC visit has been announced for 31st May.


The clinic is busy getting ready and hopes that our excellent patient-centred service will be confirmed. 


An email will be sent to patients to collect feedback on our service.


The next date for the PPG meeting is to be confirmed but will be July 2023.

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