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We are pleased to offer our patients a complete medical solution if you are unable to leave your house.

Each remote consultation includes a free prescription Home Delivery. 


Service only available to book over the phone,

on 01628 486264

Phone & video COnsultations

If you would like to have a consultation with your GP but are worried about your health and COVID-19, we are happy to book you in

for a remote consultation with your preferred GP.

In some cases, a Video consultation would be necessary to properly diagnose.


With remote GP consultations, we are also able to arrange for any prescriptions from phone or video consults to be filled directly by Boots and we will deliver to patients' home addresses for those unable to easily leave the house!


The cost of the remote consultation is £85 (standard 20 minutes) with free prescription home delivery


We aim to offer our patients the best care with your safety and wellness and that of our staff being our priority.

How it works:


  • Have a Phone or Video consultation

  • If you need a prescription we can fax it to Boots for you

  • We can pay for the medicines (we will call you for payment) and collect from Boots

  • We can deliver it to your home for free


This way if you are isolating you can have 'peace of mind'

without leaving your home.

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