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My Specialist GP is pleased to be able to offer not only high quality Doctors appointments but also a range of other services for your healthcare not usually found in a conventional practice


My specialist GP

Sometimes your health may make it very difficult to attend the practice in Marlow so we are pleased to be able to offer patients the option of home visits if required. 

If you have been to us as a patient before, you can call the practice number to make your appointment and to pay a £30 deposit.

If you haven't been to us previously, at booking we would require a £60 deposit.


Deposits are paid by card over the phone.

A home visit within the hours of 9am to 6pm costs

£440 for 30 minutes (includes written prescription).

If you require a visit before 9am or after 6pm, the cost is

£485 for 30 minutes (includes written prescription).

Fees apply to a 5 mile radius of our clinic in Marlow.


Please call 01628 478036 to book or to inquire.


Ultrasound imaging provided by CS Partners Medical Limited (CQC registered)'

Ultrasound scans are a painless and harmless imaging modality to view soft tissue areas in the human body. We have on-site Ultrasound at the clinic for either same-day or next day appointments. Your GP at your consultation can refer you for a scan which is performed by a highly experienced Sonographer

- a typed report is given at the end of the scan.

This technique can look at and give information on a wide range of abdominal anatomy such as ;

Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Kidneys and Bladder, Aorta and Spleen

It's also the Imaging method of choice for Gynaecological

(women's health) conditions as it is able to give a wide range of information on the Uterus and Ovaries.

Parts of the body such as Thyroid and Testes can be safely checked using ultrasound - these tests are called 'small parts'  ultrasound.


Abdominal - £130

Kidneys and Bladder - £130

Gynaecological - £130

Small Parts - £130

Aorta - £110


Our GP's can complete the paperwork for you for your application for a shot-gun licence. You need to bring with you a Medical Summary sheet from your current GP, which should be requested before your appointment and photo ID.


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