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My Specialist GP's experienced nurse can provide a complete range of solutions.

Why our patients recommend our Nurse Services

☑️ Reliable Service


☑️ Expert Care


☑️ Continuity of Care


☑️ Accessible and Convenient

At My Specialist GP, we are committed to providing a range of essential healthcare services, all managed with professional expertise and personal care.


Our skilled nurse is proficient in a variety of procedures, ensuring that your health needs are met with the highest standards of care.

Our commitment to your health is our utmost priority, and our nurse's expertise is a cornerstone of the high-quality care we deliver.

Smear Test

We offer comprehensive Smear Tests, an important procedure for women's health. These tests are conducted with utmost sensitivity and accuracy, ensuring peace of mind and early detection of any health concerns.

This is a 30 min appointment - £180

Travel Clinic

In addition, our nurse leads our Travel Vaccination Clinic. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, we ensure that you are fully protected with the necessary vaccinations. Our clinic provides up-to-date advice and vaccinations for a wide range of travel destinations, ensuring your health is safeguarded while abroad.

Stitch Removal

For those requiring Stitch Removals, our nurse provides a gentle and efficient service. Whether it's post-surgery care or minor wound management, our approach is always patient-focused, ensuring a comfortable and swift recovery process.

Nurse Services

Smear Test

We understand the importance of regular health checks for women. Our clinic offers a comprehensive and positive approach to cervical screening, which is essential for the early detection of any abnormalities. Our experienced nurse ensures that each smear test is conducted with the utmost care and sensitivity, providing a comfortable and reassuring experience.

Please read below about HPV and how our smear test works. If you cannot see these images, you can download them here (Cervical Screening - The Facts) and here (Human Papillomavirus HPV - The Facts)

Nurse smear test
Human papillomavirus (HPV) (1).jpg
Human papillomavirus (HPV).jpg
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