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1 hour COVID-19 test available

Should you find yourself in need of a coronavirus test quickly for reassurance before meeting elderly friends or relatives, or to return to work, we have an efficient solution in hand.

Our newest coronavirus test is performed in-house, so you can find out whether you have the virus in as little as one hour, with the option of purchasing a certificate as well.

The test is administered by one of our medical professionals at our practice, with a sensitivity of 97.6% and Specificity of 100%. This means all healthy individuals are correctly identified as such 100% of the time, and will correctly detect a positive test result 97.6% of the time.

Our SARS-CoV-2 rapid testing machine uses a CE marked real time PCR cartridge, where a swab sample of both your nose and throat is placed inside. The cartridge is then placed inside of the machine, where it is tested automatically inside of the device.

This cartridge is capable of both Hi-Plex and Lo-Plex infectious disease testing, containing all of the necessary reagents - that is, all of the necessary substances to cause a reaction - whilst also being fully sealed to minimise any risk of contamination.

Travel certificates are available with this test, however are not UKAS certified. If you require a UKAS certified test, our 24 hour coronavirus tests would be the better option in this instance, as the swab is sent off to a laboratory.

The cost of this test is £299, and ID is required upon arrival. You will receive your results within an hour on paper and by email.

You can book these tests online, or should you have any queries call the practice on 01628 486264. Alternatively, our email to contact is


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