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The Simplicity of Scans

Ultrasound is not only used for assessing pregnancies, but also as a great diagnostic tool for multiple soft tissue and joint areas in the human body.

Ultrasound is painless and safe with no side effects. There is also no risk of infection or radiation due to internal organs being observed via sound waves reflecting off of organs and joints.

This method of diagnosing is an effective way to see what is causing a patient's pain, swelling, or infection in the body's internal organs. This can help guide joint injections and look at blood vessels to assess narrowing.

To perform an ultrasound, a transducer is gently applied to the skin with gel in between. It can give surprising details and insight into the structures and functions of many organs.

The ultrasound image is seen on a monitor, and using a technique called colour doppler, movement of blood can be confirmed. Ultrasound images are generally in black and white but sometimes in colour.

My Specialist GP works in partnership with an in-house ultrasound provider at the practice in Marlow. Scans can be arranged within a week with results and report issues at the time of the scan. Scan prices are between £95 and £130.

We are able to scan a wide range of abdominal anatomies such as the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and bladder, aorta, and spleen. We are also able to look at Gynaecological issues, as well as the thyroid and testes.

Our onsite ultrasound service can usually offer same-day or next-day appointments, so you do not have to wait long for the results you need.

For more information, check out our services and treatments page, or email


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