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To HRT or not to HRT ?

Many women on reaching Menopause age have no accurate information easily available to help them decide about taking HRT. In fact a lot of women have no information whatsoever and it is still a topic which is not easy to raise with friends. Having dry vaginal skin, falling libido and mood swings are not dinner table topics! Menopause happens to every woman and the average age in the UK is 51. It means an end to monthly periods and egg production and a fall in the levels of Oestrogen, Progesterone and also Testosterone, which all women need. At the turn of the century, Womens' life expectancy was 48, now it is 83. So most women died around the time of the menopause in 1900 whereas now they live in Menopause for 30+ years.

Dr Olivia Jones first became interested in HRT and BHRT when a close family member experienced severe and upsetting symptoms at Menopause 'I knew she had not been treated adequately and that more should be done to alleviate to horrible symptoms' Dr Jones says. 'I feel many GP's don't really understand fully themselves about HRT - there's a lot of misinformation and it's being prescribed incorrectly by using old and out of date guidelines. I'm so pleased to be at My Specialist GP and to have had specialist training at the Marion Gluck institute that allows me to treat women properly and in some cases, give them their life back!'

Many people are concerned that HRT is somehow false or made inappropriately from animals. Dr Jones comments 'Actually BHRT allows flexibility of prescribing and very closely mimics our natural hormones so that any potential side effects are minimised. They are made from plant sources and are well tested and safe.I can help women to a 'tailor-made' solution'

Some women are very concerned about the risk of breast cancer with HRT. Dr Jones comments 'This risk is dependent on the type of HRT you take, actually some HRT has been proven to LOWER the risk of breast cancer'

If you would like to get the facts about menopause and find the right solution for you, Dr Jones sees patients for a 45 minute detailed Menopause Consult for £200 on Wednesdays in Marlow. Dr Jones is part of our established practice of 5 GP's.

Middle aged woman in 2019 - Middle aged woman in 1900 - Warm welcome to our practice

Call 01628 478036 to book an appointment with our caring and compassionate Dr Jones.

Dr Olivia Jones


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