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University Vaccinations

As students are gearing up to go back to school or university this month, it is important to be aware of our health and any requirements if going abroad.

Several diseases become more prevalent in education settings due to small communal areas and many people from around the world, so it is always important to keep a check on whether your vaccinations are up to date. The following 3 vaccines we would recommend to be the most important to keep up to date with:


The vaccine "MenACWY" is a common vaccine with the ability to protect you from Meningitis or Septicaemia, both diseases that could be fatal. There are three different ways that meningitis and septicaemia can enter the body: bacterial, viral and fungal.

This vaccine is routinely given to those aged 14, however it is vital that any university students receiving education outside of the UK ensure that they have received this vaccine.


Influenza, or flu, is a very common and highly infectious disease that can become very dangerous for at-risk groups, causing 600 deaths in the UK every year. This vaccine is offered each year from late September onwards, and takes up to two weeks after vaccination to be protected. My Specialist GP offers this vaccine from 5th October.


All UK travellers should ensure they they are up to date with their MMR vaccinations, as measles, mumps and rubella are all highly infectious diseases. Whilst these diseases have varying symptoms that range from a rash to death, Rubella is the most concerning as it can cause congenital rubella syndrome with devastating effects.

A 2nd dose of MMR vaccine is recommended for adults who are likely to be exposed, such as students in colleges or universities, health care workers born in 1957 or later with no evidence of immunity, international travellers and patients with HIV infection and a CD4 cell count of ≥ 200/mcL for ≥ 6 months.


The Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus with over 200 types, spread through skin-to-skin contact. Most types are harmless, however 13 types are linked to cancer. Girls have been offered this vaccine since 2008 due to the link to cervical cancer.

For the first time, boys will now be offered this vaccine as well as girls, to help protect more people against cancers such as throat cancer.


At My Specialist GP, we are able to administer vaccinations through our Clinical Nurse Specialist, ensuring that you are happy and healthy ready for your studies or travels.

We also offer hay-fever vaccinations for the summertime, with a doctor consultation beforehand for £100. Our flu vaccine is available from 5th October.

If you would like to read more about how we can help you be vaccinated please click here. Alternatively, click here to book online.


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