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Dr Keiron Ford: Background and Services

As you may be aware, Dr Keiron Ford recently joined us as our new GP and he joins us on this week's Medical Podcast to talk about his medical background prior to becoming a GP at My Specialist GP. Dr Ford has a particular interest in cardiovascular health, mental health, and helping patients improve their long-term health.

Dr Keiron Ford's Background

Before joining My Specialist GP, Dr Ford began his working life as a Nurse, progressing through the ranks to become a Senior Nurse, and then became a Senior Manager in the NHS. In pursuit of a more patient focussed role, Dr Ford then trained at Guys St Thomas's, where he qualified as a Doctor. After his training, he decided to become a GP and enjoys the breadth of work this entails. Since qualifying as a GP, Dr Ford worked full-time in the NHS, and has recently decided to move into the private sector as a GP.

Dr Keiron Ford at My Specialist GP

Dr Ford ultimately enjoys helping patients find solutions to problems that they have, to help them live healthy and fulfilling lives. He is available for you to book to consult on a number of areas, including:

  • General Health

  • Health Screening

  • Men's Health

  • Mental Health

Dr Ford is available to book on Thursdays 9am-1pm and Saturdays 8am-12pm. You can now book in at a time that is convenient for you by clicking here.

You can listen to the full podcast with Dr Ford, discussing his experience and journey to becoming a GP at My Specialist GP, by clicking here.


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