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Micro-Immunotherapy and Underlying Health Issues

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM)

NEM is an evidence-based approach, drawing on the latest biomedical and genetic science and research to develop new approaches to treating illness and disease, for prevention, and to promote optimal health and well-being. The Nutritional and Environmental approach puts the patient in the context of their background and their direct environment e.g. diet, environmental burdens (e.g. heavy metal toxicity), nutritional deficiencies, and stress levels. Almost all diseases and disease states have a nutritional component. For example, optimising your gut health can have an incredible domino effect on your physical and mental health, ranging from improvements in mood and energy levels to the ability to easier adapt to stress, visibly better skin and hair, body composition (proportion of fat and non-fat mass in your body). Nutritional and Environmental Medicine is for everybody who would like to improve their health and well-being in a sustainable way or for anyone who suffers from ongoing health issues like digestive trouble (IBS, bloating, reflux or constipation), allergies or intolerances, fatigue, headaches, blood sugar issues, inability to lose weight, high blood pressure, etc. At My Specialist GP, we offer Micro-Immunotherapy as a part of the Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM) approach.

Micro-Immunotherapy and treating Underlying Health Issues

Micro-Immunotherapy is a therapeutic approach that aims to regulate the immune system and restore its efficacy. This involves the use of highly diluted formulations to target imbalances of our immune system. These formulations can help to restore immune function and prevent illnesses in a safe and gentle way. Useful indications are recurrent infections like frequent colds and coughs, allergies like hay fever, or some of our very common viral infections including herpes, CMV, HPV, and Epstein Barr Virus.

Micro-Immunotherapy at My Specialist GP

At My Specialist GP, Dr Meuschel (Specialist Physician), uses a variety of tests to assess your overall health and make recommendations for treatments such as Micro-Immunotherapy. Dr Meuschel will look at your nutritional status and possible environmental burdens, tests for allergies or food intolerances, your digestive performance, the state of your immune system, your risk of burnout, etc. and can help you address any existing risk factors or possible deficiencies and non-beneficial lifestyle choices.

Booking in with Dr Meuschel

To understand if you have any underlying health issues that could be treated via Micro-Immunotherapy, you can book in with Dr Meuschel by emailing our admin team at The cost of this 45 min in-depth consultation is £240.00, and a follow-up consultation is £145.00. Tests are quoted separately.


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