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My Specialist GP at the Marlow Christmas Lights 2022

Turning on the Christmas Lights in the High Street is a special part of our Marlow community activities at this time of year. My Specialist GP is again pleased to be a sponsor of the lights and two of lovely team were invited to attend the wonderful ceremony hosted last night.

Marlow Christmas Lights 2022

Some of you may have been there to see Peter Jones turn on the Marlow Christmas lights from the top of the traditional 'Double Decker Bus' parked in the high street, complete with Santa hat and entertainers.

Lucie and Dawn attended the VIP reception beforehand as part of our sponsorship and were thanked by Marlow Mayor Richard Scott and Jocelyn Towns, former Mayor and Councillor for our donation. The light ceremony signals the start of the festive period in Marlow and for the independent shops an important part of their business calendar.

Marlow is a lovely, friendly town and MSGP is proud to be part of the community events here.

We are also sponsors of Marlow Town Regatta and our Managing Director is a member of the organising committee.

My Specialist GP's

Holiday Season Opening Hours

With Winter firmly in motion, we hope that you all continue to stay safe and healthy over the Festive period. Below, you can find our Holiday Season Opening Hours.

Saturday 24th December - 8am to 12pm

Sunday 25th December - Closed

Monday 26th December - Closed

Tuesday 27th December - Closed

Wednesday 28th December - 9am to 5pm

Thursday 29th December - 9am to 5pm

Friday 30th December - Closed

Saturday 31st December - 8am to 12pm

Sunday 1st January - Closed

Monday 2nd January- Closed

Tuesday 3rd January - 9am to 5pm


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