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Grumpy Man Syndrome

Male menopause,

Is there such a thing?

Did you know that around 17% of men over the age of 45 can have low Testosterone?

This can affect men in several ways, including mood changes, energy levels, weight gain, and even libido.

Changes caused by this fall in testosterone may not be noticed by the man, but those around certainly do!

Since this is usually a result of ageing, it's called Male Menopause.

So how do we know we might be experiencing this?

Some of the main symptoms include:

~ Tiredness and loss of concentration

~ 'Grumpy old man Syndrome'

~ Feelings of sadness and underachievement

~ Lack of interest in Sex

~ Erectile problems


This week we sit down with Dr Andrew to discuss in-depth how some of these symptoms can be treated as well as how we can diagnose this 'Male Menopause'


Following some blood tests and checks, our doctors can discuss with you the suitability of testosterone treatment resulting in

a happier, healthier man. ​

Treatment can commence within a week.

Many men have been rejuvenated as a result of Testosterone therapy and many marriages have benefited as a result.

Want to find out more?

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