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Gynaecology and Women's Health with Miss Grainger

As you may have seen, Miss Grainger recently joined us as our new Consultant Gynaecologist. In a recent episode of our Medical Podcast, she joins to talk about the current state of women's health, the importance of providing high-quality women's health, and why she chose to pursue gynaecology. Miss Grainger has a special interest in a variety of women's health topics that she can consult on at My Specialist GP, such as family planning, early pregnancy and miscarriage care. Her expertise includes office gynaecology, acute gynaecology, and menopause care. Read on to understand how Miss Grainger has shaped her views on women's health, and how this is reflected in her approach. Women's Health at the moment Miss Grainger believes that women's health is incredibly important and in part due to how many important topics it encompasses. Gynaecology is multi-generational, from teenagers and adolescents, right up to post-menopause. What is important to Miss Grainger is that patients have a sense of autonomy and of feeling understood, so that medical problems can be dealt with, with confidence and assurance. How does Miss Grainger aim to change this? Miss Grainger has pursued a study of women's health that is holistic, thorough and detailed in its approach. This means that she is able to consult on, and treat, a variety of health issues. Miss Grainger believes that the majority of gynaecology complaints can be treated and fixed without needing surgical measures. Simply taking a good history with an examination can provide a rich bank of information, which allows Miss Grainger to unearth the core problem. Miss Grainger, whose expertise includes women's health, family planning and gynae minor surgery, joins us this week on our Medical Post. You can listen to the full podcast with Miss Grainger, discussing women's health and how she is part of a changing approach to women's health, below. Listen Now

You can book an initial consultation to talk about any concerns you may have with Miss Grainger, here. A consultation will allow us to obtain enough information to provide you with the best treatment possible.


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