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Is food medicine?

Nutritional Medicine

This question has never been so current. It is clear that certain patterns of eating can affect our health to the point where sickness occurs. Diet-related ill-health, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, now causes more deaths worldwide than tobacco!

There is no cure or antidote to alleviate the symptoms of a bad diet, so wouldn’t it be better to try a way of joyful eating that reduces your chances of getting ill in the first place? But how do we know that a specific diet or routine is good for us in a sea of online ‘tips and tricks’ on how to lose weight quickly? In the same way that it can damage us, food can also heal. Perhaps it is time to look into a tailored approach to find out what is good for YOU!

We are pleased to welcome a new Specialised GP to our team Doctor Franziska Meuschel.

Dr Meuschel specialises in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, optimising health and performance with nutritional medicine and tailored immune support including micro-immunotherapy. She can offer you a second opinion on alternative approaches to improve your wellbeing or how to treat underlying chronic conditions. Dr Meuschel can assess your overall health including your nutritional status and help you address any existing risk factors or possible deficiencies due to diet or a stressful lifestyle. Why not start today?


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