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Knee Injections - their benefits and types

This week we spoke with

Dr Andrew Jackson to discuss the benefits and differences of Knee Injections.

Dr Andrew Jackson has a special interest in MSK: care of Joints, Bones and Muscles.

Whether you have an Injury or a longstanding condition, knee injections could be beneficial to your situation.

So, what types of injections are available?

  1. The first Injection, and most commonly used, is a steroid, injected directly into the area helping as an anti-inflammatory, which helps relieve pain

  2. This other option is a Viscosupplementation, which lubricates the area and alleviates pain. This second option is mostly recommended for osteoarthritis

Do these injections hurt?

As with every other type of injection, there is a needle involved so generally there can be mild discomfort on the injected area and a bit of swelling which over time will disappear.


To hear more about how these injections can help alleviate arthritis and osteoarthritis, you can listen to the whole podcast with Dr Jackson on the link below.


Alternatively, you can book online now a 45 min MSK consultation with Dr Andrew Jackson where you can discuss your situation without being rushed.

If you have your medical records and latest X-rays at hand, please feel free to bring those so the Doctor can get your treatment started as soon as possible.

Want to find out more?

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