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Minor Surgery for annoying and worrying skin complaints

My Specialist GP's experienced team can provide a complete range of solutions for annoying and worrying skin complaints including lipomas, skin tags, and benign moles.

Some of these issues may cause complications in self-esteem, or possibly be cause for concern. As these can look different for each person, it would be best to book an appointment with one of our experienced doctors, where we can guide you through the most appropriate treatment.

What minor surgeries do we offer?

As mentioned above, our minor surgeries include the removal of skin tags, lipomas, and benign moles.

We are able to offer Aqualyx to patients, a fat-dissolving injection suitable for small visible lipomas. The injection negates the risk of any potential superficial scarring, for example, on the face.

We also offer repair of split earlobes and stitching and gluing of cuts and cryotherapy is available for the treatment of warts, verruca’s, and Seborrhoeic warts.

Most of these skin worries are can be harmless, but we make sure to send most removed skin areas for examination at a laboratory to confirm the nature of the tissue. In some circumstances, the doctor may decide this is not necessary.

How do you book in?

Patients can book an initial 20 minute consultation to discuss their concerns.

At this initial 20 minute consultation, the Doctor will discuss your options, pricing and then the recommended procedure to assist with your concerns.

At this point, the patient will be able to complete their treatment at their earliest convenience, which will be arranged with the Doctor.

Where do these surgeries take place?

Our Minor Surgery suite is specifically designed to provide a comfortable and easy experience and minimise any discomfort or unease about the procedure. A local anaesthetic is also used to provide a pain-free treatment for patients.

Should you require any additional support, then please do either drop us an email or inform us during your consultation, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Getting an appointment

If you would like to find out more, you can email, and our admin team will book you in for a consultation.


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