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Your health, in full. Our new Platinum Health Screen

At My Specialist GP, we believe in Preventive Healthcare, led by the principle that prevention is better than cure. We are pleased to introduce a new bespoke Platinum Health Screen, an excellent way of having a clear picture of your current health. Areas of potential concern can be highlighted and addressed before they cause health issues in the future. Equally, it is always an advantage to detect symptoms and signs of illness early to have the best chance of successful treatment.

What is the Platinum Health Screen?

The Platinum Health Screen is designed to give you a comprehensive insight into your health, allowing you enhanced knowledge and allowing our experienced Doctors the chance to make tailored recommendations to support your health over time. Preventive Healthcare is instrumental to maintaining your mental and physical well-being in the long term, and we have introduced the Platinum Health Screen as the first step to do so. Through knowledge, maintenance and support, you will receive bespoke healthcare designed to complement your individual needs to improve your overall health, lifestyle, and welfare.

How does it work?

This top-to-toe health assessment will look at the following systems in your body:

  • Endocrine: Hormones and functional health including Thyroid and Male and Female levels

  • Respiratory: Your lung function

  • Cardiac: Heart function and indicators for heart disease, with muscle enzymes

  • Intestinal: Early detection of bowel cancer, diabetes status, and overall function

  • Brain: Early indicators of cognitive decline

  • Urinary: Kidney and bladder function and in men prostate markers

  • Metabolism: Assessment of vitamin and mineral levels and any inflammatory markers

  • Tumour Markers: Both male and female

  • Haematology: Blood levels

  • Biochemistry: Overall organ function

How can I book this?

The test is split into Male and Female, and you can book by clicking below. Your first appointment will be with an experienced Healthcare Assistant, who will take a brief history and ensure you receive the correct tests. This will include blood tests, urine samples and a blood pressure test. The Health Assistant will then organise an Ultrasound and make a referral for a chest X-Ray (these are suggested if you have not had one within the last 5 years). Following this appointment, after about a week, you will have a 45 minute consultation with one of our Doctors who will review all the results with you. Our experienced Doctors will be able to interpret your results and make recommendations that may involve lifestyle, diet, supplements, and therapies to support your health.

To book the Male Platinum Health Screen, click here.

To book the Female Platinum Health Screen, click here.


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