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My Specialist GP's Festive Highlights

We would like to wish all of our patients a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us at My Specialist GP. Here are some of our proudest moments!

Read on to find out our best moments of 2020, top tips for staying healthy over Christmas, and what days we are open during the festive season.

MSGP's Greatest Moments

We are happy that over 2020 we have grown as a business, with more team members than ever before. We have two new doctors to our practice, Dr Catherine Tichler and Dr Andrew Jackson. Dr Tichler covers General Health, Minor Surgery, Women's Health, Post Natal care and children whilst Dr Jackson covers Musculoskeletal issues and Minor Surgery.

In the new year we will see more growth with Dr Meuschal joining our team, who specialises in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine - this area looks to optimise health and performance in patients with nutritional medicine, whilst also enhancing the performance of the immune system with micro-immunotherapy.

During the pandemic, we found there was a need from our patients for coronavirus testing so that we were all able to go back to work, or able to see friends and relatives with the knowledge that we are not carrying the virus.

We recently launched our 1-hour coronavirus testing service, where the test is done at the practice for a speedier response time - this test has been recommended by Heathrow Airport. You can read a full FAQ about each coronavirus test we offer by clicking here.

Our doors have remained open throughout both lockdowns, as we believe in the importance of seeing patients face-to-face and COVID-19 measures have been put in place.

Pneumococcal and Flu Vaccines

The pneumococcal vaccine can protect the elderly against serious and potentially fatal infections such as Pneumonia, Septicaemia and Meningitis.

With our patients in mind, we ordered more flu and pneumococcal vaccines - being protected from these conditions may help your immunity, which in turn may help reduce your risk of coronavirus this season. If you would like to know more about these vaccines and book to have the flu or pneumococcal vaccine, please email

Now that Christmas is over...

Whilst the Christmas period is usually the time for allowing some overindulgence, there are a few ways that we can keep as healthy as possible over the next week and into 2021:

- Go out for a half an hour walk with your family before or after your meal, helping your metabolism and energy levels rise

- Snack on some Christmas nuts instead of crisps

- Plain water is much healthier than any sparkling drink, switch a couple of drinks for water

- Pack your dinner plate with vegetables, WHO recommends 400g of fruit and veg a day

- Keep the house well ventilated and try to remain as socially distant as possible, washing your hands regularly - this can help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Opening times

During New Year, we will be closed from Thursday 31st at 4 pm and will open 9am to 1pm on the 2nd of January. Our doors will reopen as normal on Monday 4th January 2021.

Even whilst we are closed, you are still able to book consultations with us online. Alternatively, please email for a response when we are back.


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